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  1. 💵 FOR SALE Sunray DX-1 Probe.

    If this is still available, I am interested. Lenny
  2. Backpacking a Metal Detector Tips ??

    That's what I'm looking at hard because of that design. I don't bring it on plane trips due to afraid of not getting it packed safely enough. That Zbar for the box and screen is the hardest part to work out so far to keep safe.
  3. Backpacking a Metal Detector Tips ??

    I'm gearing up to detect some remote places this year and would like any tips from those of you backpack a detector and hike in. Trips will usually be overnighters and two-three nights. I used to pack and camp avidly but it's been a few years since I have. I have just bought a Alps Commander...
  4. Hello. Looking for opportunity to gold pan within Driving distance of Choteau,MT

    Hi everyone, Just arrived here on business for a couple of months from Oklahoma. I'd like to learn to pan if there's anything close enough to drive to and/or backpack into on the weekends. I have a MXT also but didn't bring it on this trip. (Leaves me a reason to buy another one, huh?) Also am...
  5. What is the going rate for a clean used Whites MXT?

    I paid 500 for one in November 2013. It had a 4x6 dd coil mounted on another lower stem also. I'm a beginner but have really liked mine. The guy was set on the price pretty firm and I tryed. Lenny

    Me too, Me too, me too !!! I wanna go !!!! Lenny
  7. Holson valley road treasure info request

    Hi. I live out by the lake but am out of town. I thought Rubys had closed. Lenny
  8. Dfx worth 500 bucks?

    Laughing... It is! I'm working in Russells Point and saw it on Craigslist. I thought it was close and since I already have an MXT I'm not quite sure. Lenny
  9. Holson valley road treasure info request

    I'm researching the tale of the bushel of silver supposedly buried in Leflore county, OK off Holson (Holsom?) vallet road. If anyone has any information or links I'd appreciate it. I live in Wister OK and would like to look into this one. Also interested in anything else related to Leflore...
  10. Dfx worth 500 bucks?

    Guys, I have a chance to get a white dfx for 500 and would like your opinion on the deal. It's clean and comes with 9 and 5 inch DD COILS. I use an mxt now and also have a surf dual fuel pi. Is the value there? Thank you, Lenny
  11. L

    Bart, I'd like to find out the price and how long it would take to get a Sunray probe for my...

    Bart, I'd like to find out the price and how long it would take to get a Sunray probe for my Whites MXT. My current address is in Ohio working zip 43348 but only for a couple of more weeks then I return to Oklahoma. thank you, Lenny
  12. Vendor Recommendation for a Sunray probe for MXT?

    After lurking for a while I've convinced myself to get a Sunray probe to add to my MXT. Any recommendations from members for a vendor? I try to buy from the forums to give back somewhat for the information I get from all of you. I'd be interested in a used one also if available but they seem...