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  1. Great day and a Interesting watch Fob question

    Super cool finds! Congrats!
  2. Old lock and locket

    Love those old locks! Congrats!!
  3. 1937 Melvin Purvis Brass Ring

    Great find and in such good condition!! Congrats!!
  4. Christmas on the water-possible white gold wedding ring

    Awesome pics!! Great ring too!
  5. Modern Jewelry to Civil War Era Relics From Public Lawns.

    For sure get back there!! Nice finds!
  6. 3 Silver Hunt, 2 Firsts, and a Possible Military Ring!

    Awesome ring! I would love to find something like that!!
  7. Found My first Gold!!!!!

    Nice ring! Congrats!
  8. Does anyone know what this is?

    Nice design on it!
  9. "HUB" Cap Gun.....Ka-peeew, Ka-peeew.....

    Great finds! I've found lots of pieces but not a whole gun yet!
  10. Short Saturday Hunt

    Great finds for 2 hours!
  11. Hi I’m Angela.

    Welcome from Illinois!
  12. Coin Collecting with a Mine Detector in 1962

    108 bottlecaps! Sounds like some of my hunts! 😄
  13. Bermuda yellow fever incineration area

    Great assortment of finds!! Congrats!
  14. Hello out there!

    Welcome from Illinois! Happy hunting!
  15. Hi I'm Pastor Doug!

    Welcome from Illinois!