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  • The club is doing a show and ive got raffle ticket for a XP DEUS machine sells for $1899 you want a some and can you ask surf and turf also
    To be honest,I don't know that much about what there worth,but if you want to make an offer as in tell me exactly what your willing to give me for my DFX I'll consider it .
    Passfinder,It doesn't say on the battery door,but I bought it in july of 2000,they just came out with it.Of all of the detectors I've owned its been the most reliably and has never had a problem.
    If you'd like to call me and talk about it my cell # is 1 508 577 4235 massachutes.
    Hi can you tell me the year made..It should on the battery door .when u open it up it will be there.I looking for a DFX....thanks..
    Whydah, right after the fourth myself and fenway water hunted three days in a row and we got beans,can slaw bottle caps hair pins got eleven cents two days in a row.
    Fenway called me three days later, he did get a silver ring but he put the time in, he was going at 2 am and in afternoon so he had the bug because he just got his sandshark.
    I talked to two MD friends on my way back form my bike ride this morning,My friend frank and his nephue got about 150 in change,no rings.I would rather come there,I've been
    kind of disapointed with my beach finds lately.The beach is mostly good here after a good storm or when theres a rocky cut in the middle of beach or at the low tide mark.We
    haven't had a good cut for a long time.Anyway I have a doctors appointment tomorrow,so saterday,sunday,monday all good days for me to hunt,are the the tides where you are
    the same as here or is there a tide difference time wise.PM me.
    I was thinking of going up there, but the tides are not at our favor for a few days... Have you had a chance to do out deeper at Nantasket? everytime I go there I seem to never get any goodies have you? just curious... Let me know your thoughts... Whydah
    Hamid,the beach you go to seams like it's an awesome place to hunt,wish I could go there with you sometime, but the time difference from where you are to where I am is 3and half to 4 hours.Happy hunting anyways.leprechaun.:leprechaun-hat:
    Im very happy to write for me when you want some help. Im here for you.
    Thank you for message. Its great. I wish you luck. Ha
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