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  1. Recovering the Cost of a Metal Detector

    It depends on what kind of detecting you want to do. I am mainly a coin shooter that is not opposed to cleaning modern clad from parks, schools, and other public lands. When I started there were only 8 months left in the year. If I wasn't working, sleeping, or eating I was detecting. In...
  2. Coils

    Generally speaking, coil size use is determined by target density. If the site is trashy the smaller coil would be better and in an area were targets are sparse the larger coil would be my choice.
  3. GOOD Digger for Cheap?

    If your looking for a hand digging tool there are many on the market, just look for one at the supporting vendors, I have the Lesche hand digger with the serration on the left side since I dig plugs in a clockwise motion. You get what you pay for. I used to use a cheaper hand digging tool for...
  4. Hi gang I haven’t been Metal detecting here’s way

    Keep the faith Truth, she will be in my prayers
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown flat disc with double headed eagle

    possibly part of a ladies toiletries lid (i.e. powder container).
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Women's Buckle

    I do believe this is a lady's sash buckle
  7. Coin roll hunting

    click on the forums tab at the top of the screen and then scroll down through the topics, they are all still there.
  8. Property marked "US" on 1800's plat map

    Thanks for the screen shot, this is an odd one, maybe the land ownership was in dispute at the time of the survey for the map so they just marked it U.S.
  9. Property marked "US" on 1800's plat map

    can you take a screen shot and show us an example?
  10. A Huge Thank You to My TreasureNet Family!

    Glad to here the good news Terry,
  11. Coin roll hunting
  12. 🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

    Awesome score. I bet your heart is still racing!!!
  13. Finds Pouch - Whatcha Using?

    I am mainly a coin shooter and mostly use a nail apron, trash on the left, treasure on the right. If I am relic hunting or hunting the fields I use a standard finds pouch