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  1. #@%*&!! AMATEURS!!!

    There is another word that starts with A for them.
  2. I must have looked like a bad boy

    There are three things in a cops life. Boredom and instant terror. also a cop is always on theline for catching hell from huffy people. Bob
  3. Frozen Yank.

    I was looking at the line from the brits, they have more fun than we do,and thought maybe one might lord it over us ,with good stories. Bob
  4. Frozen Yank.

    Go ahead and say it
  5. Frozen Yank.

    Any one out there in the UK that might want to chat with a frozen in Yank ??????????
  6. One man, 6000 years of history

    Envy is the word over here.
  7. Why did I give up...

    Being an x detector is like being an x marine.
  8. How Do Coins Etc "Migrate" Into the Soil?

    As an old tombstone setter,People claim that their stone has sunk. Really what has happened, the world is getting fatter, grass clippings rain wash,is the culprit.
  9. Name Change

    You can run but you cannot hide.
  10. Dug My First Beaver Tail Pulltab!

    I saw a hat band made of them.
  11. sad day

    stand tall, stare in his eye and dont swing first, duck and hit hard and low. it is illegal to swing first, but not to defend yourself, or duck and call the cops. Bob
  12. Old age aint for sissies

    Only swingin my loop for things , am too old for girls and forgot what to do with them, the ground gets further down these days.finding people to play with at this age is hard.
  13. Old age aint for sissies

    Eighty two and still swingin a loop.
  14. Omg, never again!

    Holly; you have that big dog, so you arn't alone.a period of trainiing and it will stay beside you. Bob