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  • That's nice you have 2 great machines , I was just wondering because I just got the NEL storm and played with it some the other day , I wanted a coil that I could get more depth , I just need more time with it to learn it , they do seem to be built well and for the size are not that heavy,the ground around here is still pretty hard ! Good Luck and Good Hunting.
    Hey I see you sold that NEL coil , was just wondering why , did you try it and not like it, what's up?
    Hey I have sent you a couple of messages , I was wondering if you got them because they didn't act like they went thru, let me know either way so I will know , thanks
    Hey lonewolfe!! Wanted to ask you a question - I am interested in purchasing a water detector (fresh water) with land hunting ability as well. I wondered what you might recommend. I have looked into Fisher CZ21 and Minelab Excalibur II. Not wanting to go broke but don't want to purchase a cheap unit either. Wondered if you have heard any good or bad feedback about these 2 or any others? For example, I have read that the Fisher CZ21 is set in a "salt water" mode only and some people think this has a negative affect in certain fresh water or land conditions.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
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