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  1. Civil war token

    Never found one,but would love to dig one up. I like all those finds in the pic; keep up the great detecting!
  2. Found Gold with Diamonds and What a Beaut!

    Congratulations on fantastic detecting, Lawrence!:hello2: That is one beautiful gold ring find!:notworthy: keep 'em comin'! Lorraine
  3. Beginners Luck

    congrats on a beautiful gold ring/rock find, Goldflecks!:notworthy: I wish you many more of the same! Lorraine
  4. đŸ¥‡ BANNER Biggest 22k gold ring Ive ever found!

    I needed my sunglasses to view that fantastic gold find, Irishgoldhound!:wav:; banner find , for sure!:headbang: Keep up the great detecting! LOrraine
  5. Ocala Florida

    penzfan, my brother lives in's land locked; I'll check with him re: swimming holes and PM you. I think the drive to the ocean from Ocala is about an hour and a half. Good luck out there. Lorraine
  6. Silver Coins & A Little Gold....

    20 pieces of silver!:hello2: great hunting, Wildcarrot! Nice goin' on that gold charm!:headbang: LOrraine
  7. Lucifer 2 day storm totals- 7 rings

    I like "em all, RC8:headbang: Fantastic clad count! Keep 'em comin'! Lorraine
  8. 2016 Finds

    Hamid, I 'm always so impressed with your detecting!:headbang: You find the most interesting gold....those medallions are terrific finds!
  9. After the storm - a lot of silver

    Impressive finds, baywalker.:hello2: Congrats on that those standing liberties!:thumbsup: Lorraine
  10. 2016 TOTALS

    OMG!! NO wonder I couldn't find anything this past year!:laughing7: NIce goin' ( as usual), and super congratulations on great detecting, Casper. Hope to see you out there soon...the weather seems to be improving....heat wave coming up on the 60's.according to the latest forecast...
  11. let me try again to post pic of 14K tiny earring

    Can't take credit for detecting it as it was an "eyeball find" on my way to my car after detecting the slope. Thanks for looking Lorraine
  12. cuts, slopes and "soup bowls" favorite

    $ Naw, just a lot of home commitments. I got this new device and am trying to post a pic of a tiny 14K earring I found a few weeks ago. I'm using a smart phone which is sure smarter than am I, but soon I'll learn and post the's really tiny,but after a drought of a few months...
  13. cuts, slopes and "soup bowls" favorite

    Areas to hunt, but haven't gotten out there lately. I sure miss you all, and hope to post more soon.
  14. Solo Water Hunt...Silver Chain with Medallion.

    WOW!! Lookin down, you had a fantastic hunt ...again!:notworthy: I love that silver medallion and chain[ wish I could find one just like that. Keep 'em comin', lookindown!:headbang: Lorraine
  15. GOLD and silver. Wet and dry. (I love this hobby!)

    Urban Prospector, those are stunning finds!':notworthy: I love that antique claddagh's a beauty!:headbang: Congrats on fine detecting:headbang: Lorraine