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  1. Some Nice Relics

    Beautiful relics! I have to say, if you can pick out those shell beads amongst those little shells, your eyesight is on a different level. Well done!
  2. 🥇 BANNER Rattlesnake Bit!

    I should have thought to recommend the site that Antiquarian shared. It has a section on rattlesnake buttons, as well, along with some interesting theories about the designs.
  3. 🥇 BANNER Rattlesnake Bit!

    Well done! I'm envious. A rattlesnake button is near the top of my list. Your posts from this plantation-site are always memorable. I can't get over the quality of finds that have come from there.
  4. My First Trime Cleaning with Lemon Juice

    I can't get over how that button cleaned up. Now, I'm the only one in our club who hasn't found one.???
  5. Extremely Rare Miller 6.4-K CT Copper

    Whoa!!! That condition.....
  6. Tavern trash pit dig yields Spanish half real

    One man's trash is another man's pirate treasure.
  7. Mystery coin ,maybe KG2 half penny?

    I agree with Almy. Definitely looks like an old copper, but I can't identify it. I see a left-facing bust, but it doesn't seem like a KGII. I hope someone can identify it.
  8. Dog tax tag, IHPs, Crotal Bells, FE loaded new turn of century site

    That's a nice looking collection of finds. I especially like that lock!
  9. Incredible 1700’s and 1800’s Spanish Reales and Coppers

    Oh my! That was an awesome hunt. And, no doubt there is more to come. Look forward to seeing what else comes from that site.
  10. Revolutionary War Plate of Some Kind

    I think you've put a bow on it with this post. I started the thread, hoping that I had a Rev war relic, and ended up learning a lot about a subject that I knew nothing about. And, I still have a rare find that will make an awesome display. Thanks, again.
  11. Revolutionary War Plate of Some Kind

    Thanks for all the research, everyone (especially ARC). I'm still going to try to get a photo to the website that Cru recommended. If it's livery related and associated with a specific family, they'll know. There's an equal chance that it's a fabrication, or both could be true. Anyway, I've...
  12. Revolutionary War Plate of Some Kind

    Red-Coat, I arrived at the same conclusion a few posts back. It just took a while to get there. Your posts have shed the most light and I appreciate it, but I don't think it's fair to say we're "overthinking it." Trying to understand the history of an object is the best part of metal...
  13. Revolutionary War Plate of Some Kind

    When I was first trying to figure this thing out, I was looking at the symbols for clues of national origin, but after visiting the site that Cru shared (see below) I realized that the design is very typical for livery buttons. We just don't find them around here, so I had no idea...
  14. 🥇 BANNER Pres. John Adams & Other Goodies!

    It's hard enough to find any early connected cufflink. I'm late, but voting banner.
  15. Nice Conestoga Bell, Civil War Relics, Petrified Wood, and a Strange Copper

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Steve. It seems trivial to mention your finds, but I think that distraction is okay and maybe even necessary for coping with grief. So, congratulations on the finds. In the coming months, I hope you're able to get out and detect when you feel like you need to.