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  1. Wow! A1914 D Penny

    Thank you all! I’ve graded a couple of finds ( dimes returned XF40 and MS 60) and I know this would come back environmental damage. Not worth the cost. Just happy to share this with you all. Going in my album.
  2. Wow! A1914 D Penny

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but I got a pleasant surprise after cleaning some crud off a wheat penny this morning. Apparently I might have found a toasted 1914 D penny yesterday! Not much to look at but will definitely fill that hole in my penny album if that’s what it is. The 44’s I...
  3. 1864 Indian L or no L and an old tiny button

    space between date and neck can identify this also.
  4. It was time for the Trime to be mine

    Nice find!!!! Surprised it doesnt have a New Orleans mint mark! Wow!!!!
  5. Navy Button?

    Awsesome! Thanks guys. fyrffytr1, thanks for the ID and I agree it must have been re-purposed.
  6. Navy Button?

    "Solved" Found this awhile back in the water (Lake Pontchartrain) near an early 1800’s sugar mill in Mandeville, La. Is there enough left of it for a positive ID? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Help ID this British Button

    Thanks for all the help and pointing me in the right direction everyone!
  8. Help ID this British Button

    Found this a while back. I believe it’s British but not sure. The back to it dissolved when I recovered it. The property I found it on was owned by an Englishman in the mid to late 1700’s. Being in southeast Louisiana, it could be Spanish, French, British, etc. Any help will be much appreciated!
  9. Nice Standing Liberty....

    Beautiful Standing Liberty quarter!!!!! Nice detail on it!!! Nice find!!!!
  10. The Strangest Connecticut Copper I've Seen

    Nice neat find!!!!! Maybe it was an attempt to making a coin ring.
  11. Epic day at the park. A little bit of something plus my oldest US silver! (key date)

    Nice score on that old silver!!!! Congrats!!!!
  12. Back at the my spot. You know I had to go get one more.

    You've been pulling some nice civil war bullets out of that area!!! Congrats!!!!!
  13. ID

    Looks Russian. Just a guess.
  14. BIG 1700s Silver, Capped Bust, Pelican, and a Large Cent

    Nice saves!!! Think you have a piece of a Mississippi spur. Love that pelican!!!!
  15. 1846 1/4 real out in Old Ca with other goodies

    Never seen a 1/4 real before. Nice finds!!!!!!