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  • Hi birdman Im sending you a friends request in case you hit the powerball sooner/better year for you. Please feel free to ask all the questions for the hookamax 12volt. Benefit of electrical, it's quieter... when on lake, I saw a park ranger, I figured he might say something.. Which I encountered, just a hardy good morning. he moved on to clean up/table clothes for park benches..
    Birdman, just wanted to let you know I gave you a great way to clean your silver.I qouted on your post, follow directions and you will be pleased with the outcome.
    If you have any questions,PM me.leprechaun.
    Hey birdman, we are located right across the water at core point. I'm guessing you have searched your property pretty well. Is there any other property in Bath that you have detected? How about any sandbars that boaters like to hang out at and party, usually fine things there. Have you ever tried detecting Indian island?

    You have some serious loot in those pictures, what do those Gucci rings run for?! I never even seen a Gucci ring before !
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