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  1. 1798 LC

    First flowing hair Large Cent for me.Dug 12 inches down with the deus II while on vacation in Massachusetts . I also found three silver dimes ,one anchor button (Civilian)3 buffs,several whats and one i886 Indian head. Not enough to pay for gas but I love colonal history so the large cent...
  2. Beautiful silver colonial shoe buckle

    Pure colonal goodness right there!
  3. Ended my drought in a Large way

    Shes a pretty lady!
  4. Giving my finds to people who really care about them

    Well done! You made those ladies very happy.
  5. Napleonic Musket balls

    Dug in Germany. Around 175 musket balls . Looking to get 150.00 shipped. Battle of Trippstadt Fight Main Results Description The Battle of Trippstadt was a relatively-minor French military action in 1794 during the War of the First Coalition. The clash between French Republican forces and the...
  6. 💵 FOR SALE French Revolution musket balls for sale

    Ok so these were dug in Germany by my elderly friend who is selling off his collections. He is retired Army ,84 years old and still lives in Germany. He asked me if I could help him get ride of some of his digs because his age and his wife and kids don't want any of it. I met him while I...
  7. Door knocking paid off

    Thank you very much . These days it is humbling to have a place to hunt. Thank you very much. There are a few people that give us all a bad name .
  8. 3 1800s coins..and one is a tiny silver BUCKET LISTER

    Nice trime!! Still on my bucket list..
  9. Got out last Monday, got a nice Barber, Indian, rings etc

    Great spot you have there ,congrats!
  10. Door knocking paid off

    Not sure what it is but a neat relic for sure
  11. Door knocking paid off

    Are the sides threaded?
  12. Door knocking paid off

    Yea , I really need to get a full day out there. There has to be a shell in there also.
  13. Door knocking paid off

    Shell fuse, not sure what kind.