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  1. Got a Trommel? LET SEE IT!

    She's on her way to a new home, somewhere in the area of Helena Montana. So give her a wave if you see her on her travel.
  2. Got a Trommel? LET SEE IT!

    Unfortunately it is way to large for the roads leading to the properties I have for mining at this time. The machine was built 10+ years ago by an older fella I was told passed away before he ever got to put it to work. I was told it was purchased at an estate sale a short time back and move to...
  3. Got a Trommel? LET SEE IT!

    Trommel Outer Drum is 4ft x 16ft with 8 Reverse Helix Spirals Trommel Inner Drum is 3ft x 18ft Turbo Charged Cummins Diesel Power Plant Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Drive Motors Speed Control Coarse Material (Screw) Washer
  4. JMD Site

    Posting below reply from Petition author: The BLM records are not determinative, which records or products are also under a disclaimer for accuracy. There is no need to "refile" because of BLM records fraud, explained in the yearly county records filings with notice to the BLM. The petition...
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    It appears paying for a service of mail delivery through the post office comes with no guarantee. One got to wounder if the importance of the Petition reaching its destination in a timely manner was'nt purposely made to just disappear? In the petition it speaks to problems in the past with other...
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    Forwarding from the author: Yes. Reading through the Petition list some options available. Working them out.
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    Up-Date; Fowarding below information from author of the Petition For Redress Of Grievance: Complaint Of Criminal Conduct: As of 4/11 still no response/acknowledgment from neither the JOCO Sherff or Commissioners. And, by postal records check, the original mailed petition to the sheriff has yet...
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    Posting additional information conveyed by the author: The Petition For Redress Of Grievance: Complaint Of Criminal Conduct was also mailed to the Josephine County Commissioners 1/20/2022, Sent Certified Mail #7009 2820 0002 0080 1346, return receipt requested, signed for 1/21/2022. There has...
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    Are Sheriffs Aiding and Abetting Treasonous Level Crimes by USFS Personnel, and Others? Speaking to the author, The below Petition For Redress Of Grievance: Complaint Of Criminal Conduct was mailed 1/18/2022 to Sheriff Daniel Josephine County Oregon, Sent Certified Mail # 7017 1070 0000 3854...
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  12. Anyone know if Hefty is still

    Hey there, its about time :) PM me a email contact. I got something to send you I'm thinking you'd be interested in reading.
  13. Anyone know if Hefty is still

    Done did that
  14. Anyone know if Hefty is still

    Anyone know if Hefty is still walking the earth, and if so, how to make contact with him?
  15. Unraveling Federal Jurisdiction within a State (11-08-11) by Sheriff Gil Gilbertson