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  1. Here's a new hunt that looks cool.

    Its and armchair treasure hunt, not canned smelly meat.
  2. Here's a new hunt that looks cool.

    I got the first two books and the puzzles are pretty challenging but make sense. The stories are hilarious too. My kids like the colouring pages in book two, and there's even a charity drive behind it all. I hope the third book comes out soon. Looks like the treasure is somewhere in the east but...
  3. Check out the new Treasure Hunting ebook I just wrote

    I can't believe I finished this thing finally... especially living in Hawai'i. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to stay inside. How I Became a Real Pirate (and what further crimes I intend to commit...) By: Michael T. Dodd - eBook - Kobo Enjoy...
  4. Another treasure hunter passes the bar.

    Yes, Jeff was a hell of a good guy. i got to be there when he found his first Gold Coin last year, and we made fast friends. I actually wouldn't have made it through the season without his friendship. Rest in Peace Capt. Croy.