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  • Madmarshall, you have been doing crazy good man! I'm super impressed. When I go out I'm lucky if I end up getting half a gram. I was wondering if you would want to show me a few things about prospecting. I have a whites gmt that could help find pay streaks, and you wouldn't have to show me your best spots, I wouldn't expect that, but maybe somewhere that's good but more importantly, where to look. I also have a gold cube and many pans. I can pan faster and more efficiently than my friends that sometimes go with me. If not that's cool too! I understand, just keep up the good work and posting that gold so I can keep dreaming, lol. Tyeechinook
    Mad, I just read your comment on the Armed Camp thread and thought you are spot on about everything. Coincidentally I am going to be going up to Colfax this weekend camping. Any suggestions?

    I live in Auburn, California. I spend most of my time prospecting and hiking. Its all about the hunt and adventure. My favorite thing about nature is There is no bartering or reasoning with nature everything must be earned!! let me apoligize for anything stupid I may write as I sometimes have a tendency to act that way from time to time on forums!!
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