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  1. What happened to a lot of the older posts and sub forums?

    There used to be a lot of information on The Secret here... was looking to get back into it since a 3rd key was recently found (Boston) and the estate is still honoring the keys in exchange for the gemstones. Also The Whistle Pig, The Buried Treasure Game, The Key to the Wind, and The Thrill of...
  2. Here's a new hunt that looks cool.

    Please provide the name of the book?
  3. 1879 - Oldham and Jefferson Counties

    Here is an online version of the 1879 atlas of Oldham and Jefferson counties. Oldham County Historical Society
  4. Louisville, Ky Detectorist (Wanting To Meet Others)

    Oldham County here - need to exercise my equipment!

    Oldham County here - have Minelab units. Need to get out as I have not used them since moving here from Florida...
  6. huntn bud

    I am in Oldham County, but have not used my detector since I moved here from Florida about 6 years ago. Have a Minelab Explorer and Minelab Sovereign Elite. Would be interested in some hunt'n around town where it is allowed, or private property old homesteads, ghost towns, etc.