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  • I'm still looking for an SU-432 "CADET W.M.S" button with a barracks design on the face. Want it in very good dug condition or non-dug. Will buy multiple examples of it. Please help me get the word out, especially to button societies that might have members that don't know a thing about school buttons. Regards, Major Wm Brown
    I collect school buttons and need a CADET W.M.S "barracks" button with a Scovill Superfine backmark (SU-432). I collect any southern school buttons and can answer questions on them. Love to see what others have since I write about them for North-South Trader's Civil War magazine. I'm a contributing editor specializing in southern military schools.

    I still have not had any leads on how to find a CADET V.M.S button with a Scovills & Co. superfine backmark o it. Can some of you contact any local or professional button clubs for me so that I might be able to locate this button that has stumped me for years! My number is 540-586-7024. I collect any exceptional and rare dug schools buttons, as well as Crimean War butttons and Franco-Prussian War of 1870 buttons between France and a unified Germany My specialty is VMI buckles, plates, buttons, shakos, etc; mid-1860s and earlier.

    My email is williamibrown53@yahoo.com
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