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  • Dear Sir
    Do minelab make SD 2200D metal detector yet?
    I need an original of this detector.
    I can not buy this detector in my country. Because it is not here.
    Please help me.
    Can you buy this detector for me?
    If yes, please send to me his price.
    Warm Regards
    Hello mamabear....thanks for the info. on the book, will look into it! Yes, have to be careful of those "yellow" rocks :O ! And NM is great for rock hunting...but then, there are great "rocks" no matter where you are I suppose :) ps what a cute cat you have!!!
    Yes, it is sad how it is now. I pretty much do all beach hunting. Been wanting to hunt at nite, peace and quiet! But my husband would nix that pretty quick. Thanks for the message. Be safe, HH, Karen
    hey hey
    which house do you mean?
    i built the house i live in now in 1994
    do you mean the blue and white one?
    hi Mamabear. I haven't gotten much detecting done. my brother gave me his detector beause hes having a hard time getting around. Im hoping with my new knees ill be okay to do it. Im dying to get out there and find stuff!
    Hi, newbie here. Is the lapidary link below yours? I've been interested in the skills of a lapidary and would love to know more about the subject. Would you have any thoughts on how to dive into doing a little bit of self-studying? My daughter (she's 6) loves rocks and I've loved them myself since I was a kid, they interest me. :) I've considered buying a rock polisher so we can start her a rock collection.
    yup that was me. She loved every minute & was heartbroken to came back, but she is very goal oriented & I'm sure it won't be long before shes over there again. I had been reading roadside geology, but got sidetracked with a local history book. am trying to find copper mines here. most of the mines were lead. There was also a cobalt mine not to far from me. But I have found sandstone w/ green hues & small peacock ore in it. I was thinking there would be a mine where I found it cuz there was alot of it. but so far no luck. I will walk the area when I can get someone to go w/ me. There are a lot of druggies that live in the woods there, so I won't go alone. even carrying a gun.
    Don't be, I still consider myself a newbie. I also try to read a lot. At the moment ore forming processes, geological maps and exploration methods has my focus.
    Found a copper mineralization recently, 13% copper (analysis results), so I need to read up and refresh my mind a bit! LOL
    (I think it has the potential of being an ore)

    have you read: "Prospecting for gemstones and minerals" by John sinkankas?
    Top notch book!

    I've been thinking of taking a few more courses to, but am to lazy at the moment. Kinda tired of school at this point in time.

    Ah, so it was you with whom I was talking about daughter visiting Sweden!
    Yes, I can imagine that Europe is an interesting place if you like art.

    Nope, I studied to what could be called "Gemstone technician" (Swedish: Ă„delstensteknik) Difficult to translate properly. :)
    Got a little bit of everything then - geology, mineralogy and lapidary among other.
    Got the basics I needed, now I can read on by myself to learn what I want and dive deeper into different subjects.

    Could do that, just not sure where to put it.

    I've been trying to teach my old man lapidary, but not having any luck. Not his cup of tea, I think.
    It was found by Bernhard "Otto" Holterman in Australia in the late 1800s. . . A 630 lb. nugget!!
    Thanks for the invite...:) Maybe if I head down to the Crater of Diamonds I'll give you a shout! I'm pretty far from Missouri right now...:)
    Just wanted to see if you still wish to remain connections.. I've been asked to changed my screen name so I did.. This better suits my needs at the moment..
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