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  1. cheating wives

    It's not just women that cheat. My husband cheated on me & my world crumbled. You pick yourself back up, & get over it. Whether you choose to remain in the relationship or not, get counseling. & fill your life with what you enjoy doing whenever you can. Personally that's rock hunting for me. It...
  2. Whats on the menu tonight?

    chicken tacos with home made everything. guacamole, salsa, chicken, etc. No fast food for me.
  3. Geology: Photographs.

    Thank you for sharing your geo pix. I am the same, I take pix of oddities when I am out & about. It drives some of my friends nutz! But if I have a pic, then I can try to understand the formation by looking in my books or asking people like you. I will have to take some pix to share with you. By...
  4. A still-life shot with the phone cam.

    I love dogs! That is a wonderful pic. Took a bit to figure what was yorkie & what was Bernard.
  5. And some more nice rocks, what are these called lol

    My first thought was jasper.
  6. Sunstones

    Wow! I have always wanted to dig there. Maybe when I go see my family in E.WA. It is such a spectacular stone.
  7. Sunstones

    where is origin of sunstone? Oregon? Beautiful pieces, again!
  8. Rock on Agate Show today at Muskellonge State Park

    Some day I will make it up there. It is on my bucket list. Alas, kids in college, $ is tight. For now.
  9. Interesting agate with inclusions

    Thanks Jim. I have been going through my rocks, & found this one. It will go in my show case, front line. Didn't know sorting my rocks could be so much fun.
  10. Interesting agate with inclusions

    A friend gave this to me several yrs ago. I have always thought it was agate. Am I right? & what could these mass inclusions?
  11. Fresh of the dop!

    is the "frost" a chemical etching or is it polish. I like the effect.
  12. found a good squash knife yesterday

    You have such amazing finds! love the description about the elk antler.
  13. What is this?

    I agree with DDancer. But I'm no expert. It is mighty pretty though.
  14. Opals

    It sure is beautiful!
  15. Excuse me?...

    I have found that most people are proud of their old homes & are more than willing to give you the history. Some folks have even taken me in to show off the details. One place the gentleman showed me the cellar. It had rock walls to a certain point then bricks. & a dirt floor. In the wall was...