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  • Hey Mark-
    Don't mean to bother. I posted 2 threads - 1 for selling, 1 for trading a White's Eagle Spectrum. No response from T-Net. Can you please remove both of those posts. If not, how can I let everyone know they're no longer available. Reluctantly going the eBay route.
    Jim (SilverFinger)
    Hi Marc...I think you and I have a lot in common and I need some help...not money just brains...I have the Jim Bowie battlesite..or what looks like it..a mountain of red ocher with a cave in the top side and a spanish triangle with mines marked and a topographic map with mines marked that no one in town has heard of...I border san saba and have a lot to talk about and what I think is a spanish cut triangular piece of silver quartz ore...would love to talk!!!
    hello marc.
    My name is Terry and I'm trying to find broken detector accessories if you know anyone wanting to part with them. Preferably coils and meters and circuit boards.
    I'm trying to start my own little repair shop. I'm disabled but love the hobby and love repairing when I'm able. I have an associates degree in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University and I'm certified radio/tv/pc repair. I'm also trying to find a broken or bad coinsearcher....BBS1000 or BBS800 minelab sovereign coil. I have an 8 inch coinsearcher on my minelab sovereign xs2 now but its not water proof yet but I'm going to crack it open and proof it....and in case something goes wrong I need one for backup.
    If you know anyone that has broken stuff to part with I will gladly pay shipping and if I can afford it I'll buy the parts....but actually I'm looking for stuff people have thrown back and just haven't gotten rid of yet.
    They can message me if so
    Mark sorry about my spelling.I'm a viet nam vet and have had ptsd for about 8years.lucky all my searches came to an end just in time.take care
    Hi Marc,

    You posted a map of french treasure sites a few years ago. I was wondering who sent it to you?

    tresors sur la carte-

    x marks the spot.

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