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  • yesterday or 30 years ago, doesn't change my view! and I is NO troll!!! I know she is spoken for but that does not mean one can't compliment her! for she is a TREASURE!
    G'd afternoon Jodie :coffee2::coffee2::coffee2::coffee2: & family. Had coffee with Jim and Nancy, at the Hotel for his birthday

    He is just fine. Also finally met your sister, Jamie, lovely gal. like her. I also told Nancy - in front of JIm and a group,

    "Nancy, I 'still' believe that you should divorce Jim and marry me,"

    hheheh Nancy countered by saying you are still married to that lovely girl, to which I replied I'll just change religions. he he

    Everyone realized that it was a joke -- I hope -- and after a few ll\aughs, the topic drifted off to the usual Friday night meetings.

    Jim is one hell of a nice guy, and is full of past adventures from the Caribbean to Polynesia, and your mother is equally fascinating. -- pump them both,. they do have very interesting tales to tell. Many of their adventures can never be repeated, so pump them.

    Did you know that Nancy is qualified by the CG to exercise the rights of a sail boat Captain ??

    Don Jose de La Mancha
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