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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Object ID + Anchor ID

    50 to 70 cm maybe , while those are about 2 m
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Object ID + Anchor ID

    they are too long to be a ship bollard , and no the rope was not tied like that
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Object ID + Anchor ID

    Thanks for you and Arc for the info and fast reply...i forgot to include some information that might be helpful : 1.there are 3 of these object 2. their size is not the same. of these objects has a rope attached to it, i cant tell if it was an attempt to remove from water, the rope looks...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Object ID + Anchor ID

    Hi Guys, could you please help me id the object in the photo, I'm not sure if it is a cannon, also would like to know more about the anchor. thanks in advance
  5. Help Dating an Anchor

    It might be made of stone not wood/steel
  6. Help Dating an Anchor

    I didnt notice that before i just did!!! As you can see there is no line attached to it so maybe it was cut lose because it was stuck! By the way, the anchor is located near the city of byblos in lebanon that was ruled by the phonecians. And no there isni sign of wreck near it, it might be...
  7. Help Dating an Anchor

    I found this anchor when i was diving 300 m from shore at the depth of 14 M . any idea about it ? and is it worth to remove it? the anchor height is about 2 meter
  8. Object Id

    same object, those 2 shots were extracted from a video.
  9. Object Id

    could be !!
  10. Object Id

    H: 1.5 M W: 0.5 M
  11. Object Id

    Sorry if i had to repost it here, but i guess the post should have been here in the first place.
  12. Object Id

    Too huge for a netsinker! Have u seen any netsnkr this big?
  13. Object Id

    I found this while freediving last week in the lebanese water (middle east). The object is very heavy, im not sure if it is metal or stone.