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  1. Hunting Parks Being Renovated

    I went by mid day today, and found no work happening. Work was going on in other spots, so I put on a yellow construction vest I carry with me, and hunted. It wasn't long before a big truck backed down beside the large pile of stacked up dug soil, and an operator for the dozer/crane to load it...
  2. Hunting Parks Being Renovated

    This a total removal of the playground equipment and the work will take a period of time. It it cut down as much as 18 inches in regions. It is a major revamping.
  3. Hunting Parks Being Renovated

    If you roll up to an old park where you have had many good finds over time and you find the whole core center is under renovation, orange fencing but gaps all over and just one bobcat working in one corner, how do you proceed? Do you just try detecting and see if you get told to leave? There is...
  4. Stolen detectors

    Did you register them with the manufacturer for warranty purposes? They might help. I personally take pictures of my machines with the serial code in the view. Might help someone else.
  5. Question about using Nox 800 in trashy urban areas

    I thought it was the 8x6. Mine on the V3i is still rock solid and is my go-to coil, unless the 10x12 SEF. I run my 8x6 full sensitivity and with Turbo on, and it is still infallible after all these years. It sees deep, and separates targets like a charm. Got to ask. Was it ever labeled as 5x8...
  6. Question about using Nox 800 in trashy urban areas

    I religiously "Nothing has beat my v3i with a 5x8" coil for picking through trash? Who made that coil?
  7. XP DEUS II Group Chat

    "Sometimes I'll go as deep as 4 feet and still get buttons and coins" Really? 4 feet?
  8. Coiltek 10x5

    Can't recall the seller but I saw just the other day that the 10x5 Nox coil was available. It is Big Boys Hobbies. I just added the coil to my cart. I don't need one but it sure seem the order would go through. Sorry!!! That is pre-order, DOH! It really has been a long time for that 10x5 to...
  9. Deus II ,who is buying?

    I might buy a Deus2 "Lite" for 500 less, waterproof to 10 feet, and the relic features reduced. All I need is a solid coin and jewelry machine, and a "Lite version" could meet my needs. Otherwise I don't need one more $1500 detector. The tests on the D2 do make it look appealing. I won't ever...
  10. Guns?

    Cars do kill more people than guns. A gun is intended to save lives under threat of death.
  11. Guns?

    I pray that I don't ever HAVE to pop a cap inside my house, at night.
  12. Guns?

    If that was true that it is the thrill of hitting where you aim, then my firearm friends who also own adult air rifles which are amazing at hitting on top of the last hole, on my 60 yard airgun range, wouldn't sneer about accuracy with my airguns. No, there has to be something to that loud...
  13. Ring or pull tab?

    I think it USED to be a Coors pull tab, and it's now a ring, sorta.
  14. Anyone plan on a side-by-side comparison of the Deus 2 compared to the Deus 1 ?

    I have not seen him in a couple years. Maybe he figured his out better. A side by side with the D2 should be interesting to everyone anyway. "Apples to apples."
  15. Anyone plan on a side-by-side comparison of the Deus 2 compared to the Deus 1 ?

    I have a friend who has owned and still owns a original Deus for many years, and when we hunted together he used to complain about the depth he got on his Deus. We compared signals a few times, his request, and it did seem his Deus wasn't near as deep as the video showed for the Deus II. With...