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  1. cool rock

    Please could anyone tell me how this rock may have been formed and what it is made up of, thank you
  2. Got A Rock you Want Identified? Post it here! gimme a good picture or 3 or 4!

    here's a rock I found in a river, if you could identify it for me I would really appreciate it, thanks. It's about the size of a grapefruit.
  3. conglomarate of rock

    Here is a rock I found in a river, I believe it is a conglomarate of iron crystals and other minerals, has anyone seen a rock like this and I would be very interested to find out how it was formed, thankyou.
  4. royal crest

    Found these the other day, one is a small button with the English royal crest on it and the other looks like it is the leg of a tin soldier or something, the piece of leg is 6cm's long so the overall figure would be quite large.
  5. old spoon

    Hello, found this spoon detecting, I would welcome any advice on it's age and what it may have been made off, Thank You
  6. very small trilobite and bird

    The rock was found by a fresh water burn,
  7. very small trilobite and bird

    We were lucky to notice the little trilobite, and there was a coral or shell that came of the side of the rock that looks like it has a bird painted on it. The little rock is pictured from both sides. Would anyone know what type of coral or fossil it might have been
  8. iron and corroded, still history though.

    I think the coin is a 1906 penny, with king edward VII on it.
  9. iron and corroded, still history though.

    happy new year by the way
  10. iron and corroded, still history though.

    found these close to each other,
  11. where theres muck theres brass.

    where there's muck there's brass. found these, brass collar and foil lid of some sort, I would like to know the history behind these items, kind regards
  12. large padlock

    Thanks for your comments. I cleaned it up a bit, the other objects were found close by, what was there purpose do you think, thanks for your help. .
  13. large padlock

    this is a large lock, the cover has 13 strike's making a circle. notice it has not been opened . maybe the chest is near by
  14. interesting find

    look at the plating on this, do you think this may be part of a spoon.
  15. pick a pocket or 2 oooooooooooo youve got to pick a pocket or 2

    pick a pocket or 2 oooooooooooo you've got to pick a pocket or 2 Hello, This was probably a nice watch in it's time. what type do you think it is? Thanks