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  1. 2022 Off to an Amazing Start: Found a Previously Unknown Variety of George Washington Inaugural Button!!!

    i have two similar buttons with heraldic eagle and made of pewter. i will "dig" them out if i can remember where i have them.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Buckle of some sort....?

    Found this at an old cellar hole last month. not sure of the age of the site... the newest coin was 1841. Bronze/ brass 2" long. Looks military? Any ideas??
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Hmmm, what is this cast bronze item.

    Not sure where my father found this one, but i'm certain it was in or near Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin where there were some shipyards, etc. May have been something on a boat, etc. Posts are off center and about 1" apart. Holes are a little over 1/8". Maybe a handle of somesort? Seems like...
  4. Brass Nautical? Roller Foot of some sort?

    Found 2 of these diving in a fresh water lake last week. Its a narrow roller assembly with 4 rollers. Rollers are about 1/2" diameter riveted between a yoke-like formed part. Length and width is about 3+ inches x about 5/16 wide. the post has what looks like an adjustable height mechanism...
  5. Brass Novelty Tooth Pick?

    when you said knife, i thought about a crude cigar cutter, but typically they were made to keep the cigar round vs. a shearing action....
  6. Brass Novelty Tooth Pick?

    Found this man-shaped jack knife - like item many years ago in NW CT. Home was from the 1850s i believe, but most of the stuff there was from the early 1900s. It has no markings and is composed of thin brass plates like a jack knife. it has two "blades" that fold completely behind the two...
  7. Underwater Detecting near Boston - typical lake dive ?!

    I'm always amazed at the number of bullets and the majority of them are live rounds. Maybe at some point people were advised to throw them in lakes? Couple of guns today, left the shotgun parts there. just about 5 pounds of fishing sinkers. only a handful of coins, 2 silver.
  8. Mystery item with cartridge markings... W.R.A. Co./ 44 S&W. R.

    Found this item last week ... at first glance, it looks like a fishing reel spool, but its too beefy... around 050" thick end plates, so probably not that? its got a cartridge headstamp on it on both sides of the center piece as stated in the title. Diameter is around 60mm. There is some...
  9. Jewish/ Hebrew Coin Token? 35mm copper

    many thanks for this info... reminds me of one of the first US coins by Ben Franklin... the FUGIO ... perhaps is similar to "MIND YOUR BUSINESS" ??? The similarities dont end there, there is the starburst as well.... Ironically, i found one this spring about a month or so ago, see lower right.
  10. Jewish/ Hebrew Coin Token? 35mm copper

    anybody have and ideas/ clues as to what this coin or token means or is?
  11. Day 1 Amazing Woods Site - likely ancient logging camp

    Have been to this wooded site 2x before, thinking there had to be something going on there, but came up with just a few brass doodads and many shotgun shells and bullets. Today was different, started out finding a 3 Cent Silver which made me go into thorough mode. After another 1/2 hour came...
  12. Decorative Object?

    looks more decorative (less utility) in nature...i do like handle, but perhaps a curtain pull or tie back. it might have had a square nail in it to drive it into a wooden wall stud.
  13. Mystery Counterfeit? Lead Coin?

    I doubt its a lead seal as there's no features to create or crimp wires/ twine to. most seals ive found are around a 1/2 - 3/4" and have some sort of identification. i think its cast piece with the bump being the gate that was to be trimmed later. Ive found similar lead US large cents...
  14. Mystery Counterfeit? Lead Coin?

    Found this lead mystery coin last week here in the woods of CT. Any clues? Approx. 1 3/8 by 1/8 thick. Theres a pattern of somesort, but not sure what the image is.....
  15. Excellent Colonial Button, anyone know about it?

    Found in CT in nice environment... has some original silver in the coined area. 1.425" diameter. Probably post Rev War? Maybe English? Looking at the back adds an interesting question ... was there a positive and negative die??