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  • "alpha" and "omega,"...this information also relates to some sights... I have discussed John sites on several occasions and ...there will be found a formation of partially buired rocks that will resemble the Big Dipper (John is the fourth book...Big Dipper is a backwards 4). This formation will keep you digging and running all over hell with false trails and false rock maps. There is only one symbol that will get you to the proper trail......and that is the duck symbol, or, the duck rock. What happens is that the duck will "duck out" of the these false trails and it will reappear in a different locationt, to a point where you only need to make one more move to locate the pozo...once you get to the final place... to dig......you are only 13 feet away from where you started. The omega is only 13 feet away from the alpha! Where you started...is where you end up!If you have a duck at your site, then you have this type of set-up. "

    - Stilldign
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Anderson Detector Shafts

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