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  1. 1833 large cent

  2. 1833 large cent

  3. 1833 large cent

  4. 1833 large cent

  5. 1833 large cent

  6. Old coins

    Moe its good hunting with you thanks ! Congrats on the coins my friend. Thanks for sharing the video!
  7. My recent button find , I was pleased see some gold gilt on it .

    I am thinking 1830s on this button. If anyone knows of this back mark and maybe able to date it better, I am open to discussion. Thanks

    Have you made any changes to the relic program for the Deus with Hf coil?
  9. Civil War Cannon Ball?

    The woodruff cannonball was made from lead .
  10. Musket Barrel?

    Awesome save , definitely a an old barrel.
  11. My recent button finds !!!

    Thanks Professor !!!
  12. My recent button finds !!!

    Thanks Keith, I had planned it , I am hoping more will pop up.
  13. My recent button finds !!!

    Thanks Diggiger RJ !!!
  14. 🥇 BANNER 1700s Flintlock with silver side plate!

    Amazing !!! That has be one of the most intricate side plates i have ever seen..
  15. My recent button finds !!!

    Moe thanks ! I really like being apart of net .