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  • Hi!

    My name is John,Could you please let me know if you are still active in Gold stuff, I have with me kilograms of gold dust which i brought from my creek for sale and would also appreciate if you can link me with some buyers...

    You call or text me at 708-263-4585


    Wayne, thank's for wanting to help me out I'm new to this and all the help I can get is great .just starting out in this hobby . i look at a Garrett at pro .kinda pricy .but a great machine no doubt .any help will be appreciated. E-mail
    Wayne, hi... got a location for a possible local hunt. Not sure who to contact, but I do believe the owners live on the property. Don't want to post it up on here for people to see. Might be something you'd be interested in looking in to, might not. Thanks... Gordon Little
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