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  • No problem. I am glad you had a good time. Most of the good stuff I find is deep. As I said the place has been used for several hundred years.

    Hey, I had a great time on Sunday. Unfortunately, I was catching a cold before I got to the beach and ended up with a nasty cold by game time. I made it from the first pier at the park to the second one. I mostly hunted the wet sand with a few trips into dry sand once in a while when the mood struck me. I got one huge silver earring, three dimes, two nickles, and six pennies. Nothing was super old but boy was some of it deep. If the weather had stayed a little warmer and I had felt better I would have hit it again on Monday morning. I am back in frozen Indiana. It was 16 below the night I got home. Thanks, for pointing me in the right direction. I loved seeing Mobile across the Bay when the sun came out. A very pretty place. Took the time to talk to two guys about metal detecting while I was there.

    Thanks, Don
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