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  • Happy New Year to you and yours midnightmoon.
    I hope you find many new riches in 2013.
    From the Bowen Clan
    Yes midnight that is true, George Massey and his sons did find a glory hole on a river in the Northern California, under a waterfall.
    They were dredging there for over a month, dredging through almost 20 feet of overburden, and got down to the bedrock and broke through a thick clay layer. The way Tom Massey tells it is that he just started dredging that morning and he found a large pocket of almond sized nuggets. he grabbed a handful and signaled to come up. When he broke the surface his dad wanted to know why came up so early Tom didn't say a thing he just held up the handful of nuggets. Then watched His Dads face turn white. In just a few days they found more gold than they did the whole month. It was the richest single strike they ever hit. When asked how much did they find he replied"Well I got a new Chevy Silverado".
    The Canyon the waterfall was in is steep and narrow and nearly impossible to flume around it. The old timers missed it.
    Hey midnight,8-)
    Once a while back watching the GoldFever show Tom Massey mentioned that a study had been made that mankind had only found about 5% of the gold available on the surface of the earth, which left 95% for us to find. Even dyed in the wool gold miners need to be heard with a grain of salt. While I can't confirm what he said, I did find the facts that I post. It still looks like a lot of gold out there for us to find.:goldpan:
    Thanks for the like.Some have said I share TMI about where I mine.
    I think we all need to find all we can, where we can, to encourage others to mine.
    like snow skiers and hikers, we are involved in a physically active recreation in the mountains.
    We wash gold out of gravel. No more impact than ski slopes or hiking trails.
    Ok I'll get off the soap box.
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