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  1. 🙋 WANTED Big Bud Pro

    Looking for one with the blanker feature, Mike
  2. For Sale Pulse Star 2

    That's terrible! you sent the $ and got nothing?
  3. 💵 FOR SALE Kondor 7252 M metal detector by AKA brand.

    Anyone ever hear of this detector? any insights?
  4. Garrett Pro Pointer Shaft Mount

    The T2 also is prone to falsing if a PP is on the opposite hip than the swinging arm.
  5. Bounty Hunter Commando questions

    Sensitivity controls the amount of power you're putting out.Its like the accelerator on a car, but sometimes less is better; if the ground is heavily mineralized causing the detector to react unstably. Generally you want to set it as high as you can and run smoothly, without chirping and false...
  6. gold and silver day

    interesting fact: inside of the gold thing called a mazzusah is a tiny rolled up copy of the Torah in Hebrew. Its a pretty sacred Jewish thing.
  7. UPDATE~1936 Dot Penny..Verdict Is In!

    Re: OMG... Think I've Found a 1936 Dot Penny... I gotta chime in on this, I've looked at the picture that has both on the same screen, and drew lines with a card from reference points back and forth both coins, and I see no difference at all! Thats gotta be the same coin. I wonder how many...
  8. Bounty Hunter 3300/ F4 coils

    The new Fisher F4 being brought out by Bounty Hunter is based on the 3300 but way more powerful. But the amazing thing is the coils are interchangable, the F4 comes with an 11" DD coil like the T2, this means a 11" widescan coil can be used on the 3300 making it more stable in mineralized areas...

    Tesoro makes a pinpointer that is the most powerful, the Treasure mate, it wil detect a coin at 3" where most are 1/2 to 1 ", but it cost $150 Mike T
  10. question

    Hello again brother, I made a mistake, the Prism is 8.3 khz. and the XLT is 6.9khz. I went to the Whites website and saw the list of coils. They are close in frequency but not the same. could damage your detector? I been busy, studying about Camp Adair a military base from 1942-1946, 300,00...
  11. Metal detecting in Hawaii HELP HELP

    I lived in Hilo on the big Island for 2 years and its REALLY mineralized no sand, just lava. I saw guys doing okay with a Fisher 1280, thatsall I can recommend as I didn't have a detector then.
  12. Lump of Cash

    Wow! hey theres actually a Federal agency that you can send those bills to. I saw a program once about them, alot of people bury they're cash and find it corroded its very common, this agency carefully tries to match up the pieces and issues new ones to you. I don't have any more info about them...
  13. question

    I don't know too much about computers, After the last message I e-mailed you I got E-mail from forum administrater, I did something wrong the way I sent message, anyways it would be easier to e-mail me direct.
  14. Im hooked!

    Re: I'm hooked! I got to agree with Jeffro about the Ace 250, Theres a 12 year old on one of the other forums whos working a 1800s picnic grove, and is having a ball, He is coming up with some of the best silver finds I've ever seen, handfuls of silver, and he says his Ace 250 performs great...
  15. question

    Yes they are the same frequency. My whole family is from Russia, came here at end of WW2, changed our name from Zarochefsky(something like that). Grandma, mother always speaking the Russian, Me I felt embarrassed, wanted to be as American as friends, Baseball, Rock,Sex with lots of girls so I...