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  1. 1830 Half Dime

    Congrats. A capped bust coin is high on my to find list.
  2. Multiple silvers and other keepers

    Some nice old coins. Congrats.
  3. How old are you ?

  4. Gas Prices near you

    Regular gas 5.10 a gallon in west central il.
  5. 1834 half dollar

    Great find . Congrats.
  6. Turn of the century Picnic Grove coin spill.............

    Nice. In my 50yrs. of detecting i have never hit a coin spill. Congrats.
  7. Large old small cent spill down a hillside. 12 Indian Heads, 3 flying eagles, 3 wheats, a random 1918 merc, 1930s Jersey beach tag

    Nice group of coins. Sounds like maybe an old picnic grove at one time. I am still looking for my first FE. Congrats.
  8. Smoker's site 1853 Half Dime

    Congrats on that small silver coin. Enjoy the in-situ pictures also.
  9. I don't remember this Game

    When I was in high school in the early 70's my best friend, his brother, and another good friend of ours would wait until dark take off our shoes and socks, set the mousetrap turn out the lights and walk around the room until someone stepped on it. The guy who stepped on it would set it and...
  10. Old Silver Coins..

    What a couple of nice old silver coins. Congrats.
  11. Back after a few years absent

    Welcome back Merf. I hope you pick up where you left off on those old coins. I used to really enjoy reading your post. Lots of new faces on here and a lot of them gone in my 14yrs. on here.
  12. 3 Seated

    Congrats on the coins, especially the seateds.
  13. Ended with a Bust

    Congrats on some nice old coins, really like that capped bust.