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  • My brother was born in Duquoin. If you know anyone around there with the name LeVault, they are related to me.

    No. Not in the Navy. I would NOT have made a good sailor or soldier. But my brother was Command Master Chief of the Fleet for Europe & Africa a few years ago.

    DC = District of Columbia I actually live in northern Virginia but NOVAMatt just didn't do it for me.

    What small town is southern IL are you from? My parents were born and raised in Sesser near Rend Lake.

    District of Columbia Matt
    Grew up in a small town in southern iL 4 years US Navy(DC2) now work for the worlds largest pest control company 8 years....not Orkin been detecting since sept 2013 fisher f2 garret pro pointer
    Thanks, but it is true, I get so excited some times when I find the really old coins, if I don't have any water. That last silver Barber 1914 dime got a good licking. Sorry I didn't get this message(sometimes I have a real tough time navigating this site)
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