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  1. NOX 800

    Anyway to find out what year the 800 was built via serial number? minelab customer service takes a few days to respond.serial number lookup only specifies if it is a true 800 or not.
  2. colorado detecting

    Thanks! been in Colorado since 1997.just picking up detecting. seems like a lot of history here.good to know it pays. as Colorado country is vigorous for walking.LOL. am wanting to pickup the book that opalboy suggested and see if that for I am not a panner. but hey,ya' never know...
  3. colorado detecting

    HI, Newbie here. Any Colorado detectors here? Am trying to figure out detecting for Colorado mountains and plains. I tried reaching out to the state forums.(no response).I tried reaching out to the local clubs.(no response).just wanted to know if a equinox 600 will pick up gold in the mountain...
  4. 💵 FOR SALE Equinox 800

    I don't need all the accessories. Just wondering if you would sell the detector,headphones,charger,etc..everything that would come in the box from factory.If not I understand.
  5. minelab equinox

    thank you for that! thats what i am looking for. ---cheers!
  6. detect tools

    What are some of the top of the line tools for detecting for a newbie? I guess entry level to intermediate? I am seeing lesche,garrett,minelab,grave digger,etc... for trowels,shovels,pinpointers,etc... mostly colorado digging.maybe some gold in styreams.I just purchased a minelab 800 so I...
  7. minelab equinox

    i hope i will love it being a total newbie to detecting??? seems very overwhelming. i have the itch.just getting cold feet. i just found this one. don't know anything about it? The Minelab Equinox: “From Beginner to Advanced”
  8. minelab equinox

    Looking at getting a equinox 800 for my first detector. What are some of the best books/videos for learning this thing? I know everyone on you tube claims to know everything about anything. LOL! Been seeing a lot of the Andy Sabisch book. is it worth the buy? any other books like that? I just...
  9. beginner detecting

    no. just wondering if i can pay for my equipment with findings
  10. wireless metal detection

    I didn't ask if I can connect with bluetooth. I simply wanted to know if i can connect a garrett z-lynk with a minelab headset. Anywho,i have done some research and i would need some wire adapters. thanks for your response
  11. wireless metal detection

    I am wanting to purchase a Garrett Pro pointer at z-lync,but I am getting a Minelab equinox 800.can you link those two? or do I need a minelab pinpointer? it's just a basic wireless system you would think. also,does the garrett z-lync pinpointer have sound when out of the wireless mode?
  12. 💵 FOR SALE Equinox 800

    willing to seperate?
  13. beginner detecting

    thanks! where might that be? in forums? or elsewhere?
  14. beginner detecting

    Thanks guys! I hear ya' LOL! family comes first! also. Not a daily grind where I need to swing. Just wondering if I put in the effort can I gain some gain so to speak? Colorado hunting. Also,Thank you for the welcome!
  15. beginner detecting

    HI guys, I hate to ask this as I feel I am not asking in the detecting lingo so to speak Can detecting as a hobby on weekends pay for itself within equipment within findings? Please re-direct me if in wrong forum