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  1. Does anyone use GPS to track where they have been?

    You may run into problems using a standard GPS. Unless you are using a professional sub-meter unit, typical accuracy is between 15 and 30 feet.
  2. mask for goatee?

    Most of the guys on my dive crew put Vaseline in their beard. Works to seal the mask.
  3. Brownies or AirLine ? Which is Preferred ?

    I not only treasure hunt but work as a malacologist (freshwater mussel biologist). We dive 40-100 days out of the year and love our airline hookahs. I have had nothing but good experiences with the gear and support staff.
  4. A silver and snake saturday.

    Nice to see folks interacting with wildlife. However, I would highly suggest leaving Venomous snakes alone. They are an important part of our ecosystem but should be respected from a distance. Copperhead bites are no joke and require a hospital visit.
  5. Antique silver ring

    I think that you may be right Waterscoop! If so, the ring probably came from this high school. Lost Huntington: Oley Elementary | Lost Huntington |
  6. Antique silver ring

    I found it metal detecting in West Virginia. I thought that i could be "1899" too but on closer inspection, there is not a 1. if the numbers line up with the "sterling stamp on the inside it should say 899.
  7. Antique silver ring

    I found this ring along the ohio river bank and have a feeling it may be an older ring. It is stamped "sterling" on the inside and has the numbers 668 or 899 on the outside depending on how you read it.
  8. Old spot..New spot

    Your top dandy button has the look of George Washington button! You need to find out what that lettering says. It is the perfect size and several of the GW varieties have lettering around the rim of the button
  9. Reward for stolen car.

    I found this tag at a house which ranges from the mid 1800's to the 1920's. It states, "$100 dollar reward for the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing this automobile No 4279". Along the rim it says "Universal Association Automobile Service" It is kind of self explanatory but i thought it...
  10. Civil war era wedding ring?????

    be careful putting those old brass rings on your hand. I have had them crack in half doing that. they look deceivingly sturdy.
  11. Found today but need help

    definitely a shot put
  12. 🥇 BANNER SWEET JESUS--I just dug a GW Inaugural--IN LOUISIANA

    I dug one in Kentucky, you never know where stuff will pop up!
  13. Civil war related??

    It looks exactly like the handle of my digging shovel(a wood cylinder fits over the thin circular bar), which is quite old.
  14. Brass clam, first novelty token, 3rd skeleton key, winder?

    Im a malacologist and a real big fan of he brass clam!!
  15. 1825 Bible

    Unlikely that yours is human skin, but very cool.