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  • Hey found a few of your posts while researching nc lithic materials.You posted 2 pics. of some Guilford type points that you said were earlier archaic than most Guilfords. That gave me an epiphany, a friend of mines dad had 2 thin auriculate points that were made a lot nicer than most Guilfords. I always wondered what type they were. After seeing your pics. it dawned on me that yours and his were almost identical in every way. I was wondering, if you live in England how did you come to acquire those nice points. Did you live here for awhile? I sent you a friend request. I am new to the artifact forums and seem to like this one the best. I love talking artifacts with people. I have two friends I met through ebay that I talk to through e-mails. I'm interested in how you got North Carolina artifacts since you don't live here. ttyl.
    I am a new member of this website. I do not know how write my problem in this website. Please help me.
    I and my 5 brother have searched treasure for 7 years ago. We had a Fisher Gemini 3 But we did not find any things even one coin. We spend much money and time for this work. We are depress now.
    Now we search a good metal detector that it can detect a 30*30 cm metal in 2-3 meter depth and his price is right ant low. I want to know about Minelab SD 2200D metal detector.
    If you can please guide me. Or if you know person that he can help me, please introduce him to me. My email is: mohammadreza.3525@yahoo.com very thanks
    Warm Regards
    hey good luckin' how many guys follow you around to dig up your holes, bet your hands don't get dirty if you don't feel like it lol just jokin, nobody gonna dig up my treasure but me!
    Hello Guys. I am a treasure hunter also. Is there any one hear who have GPR ? I have a lots of positive sites in bacolod city neg. occ. I am looking also a map dowser to take a look at my site. Fair share is given if there might be recovery. Best Regards Ge Young Hunter 0928-3061454
    hey Molly i thought you were Olivia Newton John lol well nice avatar lol, so how is england, i was just looking at clovis points saw you and wanted to say hi, i found one yesterday, i was so excited, i need to get a pic and put it on here, any way have a great day
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