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  • Hey Joe, nice to hear from you... Jeez those travelled fast... I marked those in january this year. somebody else recently found one of my "2 13" halves as well. I wonder how and why they are surfacing so quickly, and not too close to their original dump spot either.
    hey mm2 hope you had a nice holiday, i'll be doing some dumping later and picking up some more boxes for the week, this week has been slow for me compared to last week, but still getting some goodies...
    any good hunts lately?
    Hello it was nice talking to you. And great find with the 1955 What did they say it was worth?? Did you get anymore of my coins?? I dumped $13000 in ac this week end.
    Have you ever marked coins?? So you don't want to help me with the dumps?? Well theres 16000 more coming your way on thur!! I just don't understand.
    Hello I looked over some of your stuff and would like to keep in touch. Am going to add you to my friend list Happy hunting. I love talking to you guys that been doing this for a long time!! Tim
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Anderson Detector Shafts

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