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  1. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    Agreed crash. Worst case scenario it’s a fun weekend, best case, I’m a bagillionaire.
  2. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    I have the one from Wikipedia if that’s the original you’re referring to?
  3. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    You make a good point about him becoming a traitor later and was loyal. But can one really say he was loyal? He seemed very self serving. I’m simply trying to find proof whether or not he took a chest of gold with him to Quebec. I mean it’s in the congressional library as an item but no info...
  4. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    That’s also my point, is that if he did bring a chest full of coins why wouldn’t he cache it for later? I just can’t find anything confirming he brought that a chest of coins He was narcissistic and probably sociopathic. Just surprised in the journals I read no one mentioned losing a chest of...
  5. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    Ya from what I’ve been able to see he was sour about not being promoted. After he turned and subsequently the war he was only paid a small amount by the British. I was able to find an article about the money brought. Allegedly it was paper money notes brought to pay his men. I would imagine...
  6. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    It’s mentioned on a website or two but I’m casting doubt it could be true. Apparently it’s in the library of congress as well.
  7. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    I have been researching Benedict Arnolds lost gold on his way to Quebec in 1775. I've found the maps, read the accounts of a couple journals, and even his letters to George Washington. I can't seem to find anywhere where he, or anyone for that matter confirms losing a chest full of gold on the...