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  • The Pepsi cap was just an image I found online. Was looking for a diet Pepsi one (I keep Pepsi in business because I drink so much diet Pepsi!) as my avatar, but settled for this image. I try to change avatar pix often. Like this one for now. Wish I had dug this one's in great condition. If I had dug it, I'd offer it to you as a collector. Sorry :sadsmiley: it's not mine.

    Thanks man. I was apparently banned for "racist" comments. Not sure what I said was "racist," but then again this forum is like a prison.
    Hey welcome to my close friends. I don't know to much about you? How much do you do a week?
    Are you getting out to hunt. Wish we lived closer, I need a partner. My health isn't what it used to be. I've got a new detector. I've found lots of targets, but only found an ate up zinc penny, a couple of beer tops, and a lock nut off a lawn mower. There are a lot of old parks here in Iowa city and i know a good place to find arrowheads.
    Hi. I'm from Iowa City. I have been hunting arrowheads for the last fifteen years. I don't have a MD yet, but I'm itching to get started.
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