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  1. Bucket list find for me today

  2. Is there a certain website that tells you who owns a certain property?

    In Montana its called Montana Cadastral - Montana Cadastral
  3. PA County Histories, Maps, Forts, Civil War

    Sorry guys. I no longer sell this product and have moved on to another business but if I can help you with info, Id be glad to do it for free. What are your questions?
  4. Cool $4 Purchase

    I know what you mean. I have been spending alot of time on reading early and mid 1800s papers. I find them fascinating, and having the real macoy would be even better!
  5. Coming soon

    No pic of the coin? Looks like an easy search area! :award_star_gold_3:
  6. weary warrior book ends

    When I was a kid in the 70s my cousin had a small statue of the weary warrior. I quess it may have been a bookend. Looks like the spear was replaced with an allen wrench.
  7. Team sidewinder is now lcollins

  8. For those of you with pet hens, what is their FAVORITE treat?

    Ours go ape over leftover popcorn from the movies and pancakes/waffles that the grandkids don't eat.
  9. Old enough for a privy?

    We still use ours every day.
  10. Another good yard in Kalispell

  11. Good yard in whitefish

    Nice! Wish it wasn't so hot up here!
  12. Awesome Find Today! Totally Unexpected!

    On the tokens`-` When I was a teen in the mid 80's, every time I walked out the door on the homestead, I would reach in my pocket and chuck any change I had as far as possible into the yard. I'm not sure why I did this, but it became a habit for about 4 years.

    Love it!