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  • I am trying to think of coming home with that find. I don't think I would have been able to stop laughing =D Definitely unique!
    I'll take a look at your post in the fur trade forum and if I find out anything, I'll either post it on your thread or P.M. you.
    Hello, I was doing a web search about an item my buddies and I recovered from an Indian village here in Ohio. As I was searching Google's images I came across your silver escutcheon from a chief grade gun. Our villiage is dated 1782-1812 ,the item we found was a trigger guard and we were told it was a chief grade guard. You stated you found other gun parts on your site and was wondering if you may have a trigger guard like the one we found. I too am a treasure net member and I had posted in fur trade artifacts awhile ago ,title Muzzle loader trigger guard June 2 2012. Was wondering if you had some information pertaining to these particular rifles?
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