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  1. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    Agree. They had to have been at the River at some point. I still cant understand why they even brought the baby. He had a hiking trail app, which wont keep you alive by any means but if you have that, then im sure you check the weather forecast before you go out. And every app is going to to...
  2. 9/8c, Frozen Gold Sunday, Nov. 14,

    One of the cast members is on this forum. I forget his username But i recognized him. His name is Erik and he is or was pretty good friends with Asmbandits. Neither post here much anymore. He s also on Facebook and Youtube but I dont use Facebook anymore
  3. California ban on small gasoline engines

    Gets off freeway in Oakland near Airport. Turns down crime infested street. makes eye contact with "salesman" gives the "im not the police signal" - leaves with a little bag of internal combustion. :)
  4. California ban on small gasoline engines

    What will this do to all the folks that use a leaf blower for stuff like "blowing leaves" ? hahah

    Hey 63! Hope all is well. Same old same old in the NFAR. Too many fires.. This year the South Yuba burnt up, Bear river burnt up. I haven't been going out very much this year. Too much on my plate lately.. Hoping to change that soon and get back out in search of the elusive yellow metal! If I...
  6. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    Right?! These investigators are really good these days. SMH.. How do 3 people (2 experienced hikers..) and a dog all die of heat exhaustion in the same exact spot? Just makes no sense that they would all drop at the same exact time. Brian Laundrie: FBI is useless AF these days... he was...

    New gold show started this week. Its on the FOX News Business channel so i figure not many saw it. Its being filmed at Bear Gulch Montana. Hard rock Mining. Honestly it was a little boring... Needs some Todd Hoffman drama, LOL
  8. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    You know... leave no witnesses...LOL - Actually I have heard of people taking the dog too but yea its just so odd. I cant wait for the toxicology report to come out.
  9. Here we go again!

    This made me spit out my coffee! Haha
  10. Here we go again!

    I do have a generator. But I just bought this property and have limited funds so the well isn't hooked up. It's not plugged into the main. I have to run extension cord for everything This last outage happened while I was at work. I have things that need power...not just the refrigerator. I'm...
  11. Here we go again!


    I'd like to know also. Also the auburn rec area. Most likely open as they put out the fire early but still dont want to risk the hr drive to find out lol. I'm sure one or the other is open.
  13. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    What's your point? ... sorry bruh, but thunderstorms in my area are always a "random occurrence" I have 2 weather apps on my phone and regularly monitor doppler radar. It's not common here . So bye Felicia
  14. Here we go again!

    It's not though. I'm signed up for the alert program. Which is supposed to be 48-24hrs in advance for fire.. There has been no fire in my area. Just 7 shutdowns 5 of which have been on the weekends. All have been a min of 4 hrs but none longer then 8 There has been no wind and no alerts. I...