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  1. WNC arrowheads and pottery help with identification, please

    I live in WNC too, depends on the county what tribe was there and I live in the Burke county area which is Catawba. I could be wrong but the two points in the first pic top left look like Savannah River. The crescent shaped one is super cool and I have no idea about it but could be some sort of...
  2. Slim pickin's for me this year

    It's all good lol
  3. Slim pickin's for me this year

    Just checkin' in with everyone. It's been a terrible year for me as far as finding artifacts since the bridge washed out. There's mostly road gravel among other things in the creek and now it's covered in leaves and a couple of big trees fell across it in some of my top finding spots, so I'm...
  4. WNC Pottery shards

    Hi bobbymoon, your pottery looks like what I find in my creek. I live in western NC too and where the Catawba and S'atsoyaha (Yuchi) once lived. I think you will find more there of different patterns so keep looking, they are beautiful!
  5. Late Mississippian Pot Sherds

    They're beautiful! Yes they tell a story all their own.
  6. Recent finds!

    Nice finds!
  7. finds 04/03/2021

    Great finds! Love the scraper and the materials of the others too.
  8. Pepper Shaker in the creek

    Thank you! Now if the other one will turn up I will have a matched set.
  9. Pepper Shaker in the creek

    That's funny about the toilet. I normally mostly find Native American pottery and some points. Lots of broken glass but no toilet yet lol
  10. Pepper Shaker in the creek

    Just the word JAPAN
  11. Pepper Shaker in the creek

    Does anyone have any info on this cute little pepper shaker I found in the creek today. Wonder how old it is. It says Japan on the bottom and I can post a back side pic if you want, it has blue dots on the back of her bandana.
  12. Happy New Year 2021

    That was terrible about that campground wasn't it? I'm in Burke so about 50 miles from Alexander where that happened.
  13. First Frame of 2021

    It's awesome!