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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Quartz-like rock with embedded mineral?

    Do you think the veins in it are mica or the main body is mica with something else as the vein? I thought for a second maybe flourite with mica veins
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Quartz-like rock with embedded mineral?

    Hi Everyone, Found this rock today central NC in a creekbed. I don’t actually think it’s quartz because it looks to be softer and almost iridescent - lots of angular grain - tried to capture in the one photo where I used the flash. The gray lines that are sticking out are very hard/sharp...
  3. Flake or scraper? Material?

    Hey everyone, Found this in my yard today when raking. The stone is pretty light and very hard - rhyolite? Edges are super sharp. Appreciate your thoughts.
  4. Please help identify

    Interesting - I’m actually leaning in favor of a crystal mineral growth in globules - you may want to post in minerals section to see what folks think. CLABA YKPAIHI
  5. Bone/horn/tooth/coral?

    Found on southern NC beach. Don’t see any marrow. Slight curvature length-wise. Almost looks like fossilized celery :) notice though that the ridges coverage at some points, similar to finger print. Don’t think it’s an antler? There is a stripe of smooth face on the back as if there was a void...
  6. Re-discovered Cache / Collection?

    Well, gave it the ol hot water soak and - lo and behold - stunk like rubber coming out! Must be rubber cement that took on the pattern of the cloth it was stuck to. Still a bit stretchy - peeled off with a little help from a knife. Thanks to everyone for you input!
  7. Is this a mortar?

    I would have kept it - what’s the material? Looks like a sandstone?
  8. Re-discovered Cache / Collection?

    Items were spread across about 20 feet across as far as we could tell. Might have been more but had to go.
  9. Re-discovered Cache / Collection?

    Here are two points with glue residue and what appears to be a cloth pattern attached. It’s gummy to the touch. Also simply love this little red guy Any thoughts as to ID on these? Material is all very similar. Maybe Kirk?
  10. Re-discovered Cache / Collection?

    Hey folks, Kind of a crazy story / mystery here. Was at a sports practice today, killing time, when I noticed a point sticking out of the dirt in the middle of an area to the side of the field - nothing special. Then I found another. Then my daughter found a handful. 15 minutes later we had...
  11. Dolphin tooth, gator?

    Found in NC - thoughts? Dolphin teeth I’ve found online seem to have straight roots. This one has a dual root maybe? Definitely a line between root and enamel.
  12. Tiny claw or reptile tooth?

    Hi folks, Found this interesting little guy the other day. Don’t think it’s a shark tooth - maybe a claw or predator tooth? Cross section is teardrop shape
  13. Crystal-crusted conglomerate

    Hi folks! Is this red mortar or some sort of lava stone with crystals?
  14. Nice Mako

    Or is it possibly a Great White?
  15. Nice Mako

    Found this morning at sunrise, Holden Beach. Biggest Mako I've ever found...