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  1. Roman coins

  2. Roman coins

    Yes, mint of Tessalonica
  3. Roman coins

  4. Roman coins

    Yes, that's the one!
  5. Roman coins

    Serbia is indeed very rich in history, from the Neolithic to the present day.
  6. Roman coins

    Yes, in Serbia.
  7. Roman coins

    Yes, that is Urbs Roma. Second coin is Constantius II maiorina. The third coin is Antoninian, Florianus
  8. Roman coins

    Some of my findings.
  9. Greetings from Serbia

    Hi everyone, my name is Nemanja, I live in Serbia, Europe. I've been doing metal detecting for about half a year, I have a Garrett ace 400i, mostly searching on Roman Empire grounds and medieval grounds. This part of Europe is a very rich ancient and medieval terrain. So far I have been finding...