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  1. Knights of Pythias Token

    Thanks OD! Hoping to get out more this season, but work just hasn't died down yet.
  2. 1749 half penny

    Great find. Congrats!
  3. Couple of keepers

    Nice finds!
  4. First Barber Quarter, 1893 O mint mark

    Congrats on your first Barber Quarter!
  5. Encampment finds, buckle,balls, ramrod guide and LC

    Really nice hunt Vino. Great job!
  6. "New" Spot Loaded With Old Coins

    Incredible hunt! Love those little transit tokens. Great job!
  7. Knights of Pythias Token

    Hey everyone. Been awhile since I have been on here. I have putting almost all my free time into research and working on the house. Anyway the weather hit the 50's here in Pa and got a little digging in. Started out finding a killer Knights of Pythias token. Things died down for a bit before I...
  8. Couple Mercs and another first for me, Flying Eagle Cent!

    Congrats on your 1st FE and the silver!

    Woweeeee George! That's a whole bunch of amazing digs. I'd be rubbing that Buddha's belly during every hunt. :occasion14:
  10. Another seated quarter before I got the boot

    Great job on all the great coins you found there!
  11. revolutionary war cannon balls

    Congrats on two truly amazing finds!
  12. First silver coins of the year...and more!

    Nice job on the silver! The token is awesome!
  13. Colonial Dump Site Round 2- HUGE Silver & tiny bucket lister

    A Morgan and a Trime in one hunt is a dream for anyone. That button though. Incredible!