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  1. ✅ SOLVED Mystery symbol

    It's for an 1860s Tesla stagewagen.:headbang: :boxing:
  2. 🥇 BANNER GOLD in the old farm field!

    I don't see anyone else on here saying this but considering it's what looks to be an 18th-century button made out of GOLD, I'm voting BANNER!:hello2:
  3. 2020 in Review Roman, Medieval and Much More

    :hello::occasion14: Tanks foor the rply. Iappreate the supprt. It did hav me fooled for a bit tho t2
  4. 2020 in Review Roman, Medieval and Much More

    I had a great 2020 and despite all the lockdowns I still managed a few good outings. With this being my first full year in Europe I am very happy with the quality of some of my finds. I'm still kinda stuck in the post-medieval era for the most part but a few lucky digs have been able to push...
  5. Finally found an elusive site, last hunt 2020

    Maybe I'm seeing this wrong but what's the date on the nicer IHP. Almost looks like a 77...
  6. Treasurenet Clad Totals!

    I had a decent haul with 28.52 Euros which converts to $34.79 USD. Much less than last year but I've started to hunt older sites so I can't really complain.
  7. D-buckle help

    They can be hard to date as they looked the same for a long time. The oldest possible date would be the mid-1800s but can go up to modern times. I would go off the other stuff you found in the field.
  8. My 1st Large Cent - 1817 with Altered ONE C*NT Font

    Definitely seen them before. I remember seeing someone find one of them in a video a while back. Found it!
  9. Help with an id

    Probably a silver dime that was melted in a fire or something, seen it before.
  10. Sterling WWII Combat Infantryman Badge!

    Beautiful find, I know exactly what you mean when you say you're crazy. When I get it in my mind that I'm going metal detecting I'm going, rain or shine!
  11. Winter Stubble (Finished) + Sewage Site - Day 3 - 2 Hammered, CELTIC GOLD...

    Wow! Amazing Celtic gold! On a slightly unrelated note, I've always wondered what the coin on your profile is? Looks different from anything I've ever seen.
  12. Another Mystery Roman

    Thanks a bunch, Cru'dad Your knowledge never fails to impress me
  13. ✅ SOLVED Roman Buttons 100-300 AD.

    Don't really know about the other ones but the ones in the bottom left photo aren't Roman whatsoever. I would say 17th century. Still old but not Roman.
  14. Another Mystery Roman

    I got lucky again and found another Roman bronze coin in my favorite field in western mainland Europe. It measures around 23-24mm in diameter. The small bit of lettering on the obverse reads NVSP(possibly an E after that) The small bit of lettering on the reverse reads (possibly AH)AT The style...
  15. Colonial buckles ?

    The bigger one is definitely colonial and could even be late 1600s. I don't think the smaller one is colonial but it does look a little different as you said.