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  1. Crested Cactus number 23 for me!

    Terry, on the right between the two tall ones, is that a crested gone bad?
  2. Faces From the Deep

    I was getting excited reading everyone's posts, then you popped the bubble. I think it is still a keeper.
  3. The seasons change

    Super photo. Would like to be driving that road today.
  4. Doing his job

    The cat looks like it might be on to something now. I have an arsenal of customized mouse traps at my disposal.
  5. Crested Cactus number 22 for me!

    OK Terry, all is forgiven. Love that bread. YUM! Those cactus are great. Never saw one in my travels to Arizona.
  6. Crested Cactus number 22 for me!

    I don't know what Fat and Lenrac2 liked, but I didn't get a pic???
  7. Upstate New York Sunrise

    Hope you enjoy this one. I had to go across the wet lawn in my stocking feet.
  8. From the Garden

    Yum, can you post the recipe?
  9. Florida scenes

    Florida is beautiful. and people that care can create some fantastic gardens. I once had the pleasure of sitting at a picnic table in Florida and watched a lizard shedding and eating the skin. Nothing wasted!
  10. San Juan Snow

    Didn't know if I should LIKE this, but OK it is in Colorado.
  11. Fine day

    Florida is beautiful too with all the flowers, but you have to go West for the B I G scenery. The wife and I have done the entire lower 48 twice. Love the West.
  12. Little frog on a milkweed leaf

    Or maybe I would have turned into a Monarch butterfly. Yikes!!
  13. Little frog on a milkweed leaf

    Now that I think of it, I think it is a young tree frog.
  14. Little frog on a milkweed leaf

  15. Moon shot

    This all sounds good to me, But my question is WHY did they announce the launch knowing full well they didn't have space suits???