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  • Not Peralta,

    Saw and liked your tribute to Cassadore. He was indeed one of the more important and influential spiritual leaders. A medicine man with few equals and a hard core to return to the traditional ways. Remember his weekly radio show, Apache Report on saturday and sunday mornings ? They were great and you could learn so much just from listening to him talk and sing. Thanks!

    Not Peralta,

    Just wanted to say I enjoy your theory and presentation. I think you raise a lot of good questions and issues. I knew Bob Ward but only in passing. I hope you are aware that cactusjumper and Garry are best of friends and work together as internet trolls and tag team partners to discredit anyone who doesn't fall into their catagory of worthy of being on the forum. It's a game to them, they have set themselves up on a throne as the supreme beings of all things Dutchman and Stone Map and will not tolerate anyone who doesn't fall in line behind them. I have nothing to do with either one of them, they disparage, distort and spread lies about people to try and run off people that they feel are a threat to them. Just a word in case you werent aware. I hope you keep on with your presentations and postings, I may not agree with everything but am fascinated with the content and have been given something new to think about.

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