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  1. Merry Christmas !!!

    Hope Everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.
  2. W.t.b Tesoro Silver Sabre Plus Metal Detector

    Wanting to buy a Tesoro Silver Sabre Plus Metal Detector with the white coil. I had one years ago and would like to have another for my Grandson.
  3. 18th Century Kentucky Masonic Cufflinks, Cut 8 Reale, Buttons and More!!!

    Hello Everyone, I thought I would post my Recent Weekend finds. Me and My Brothers was asked if We could locate a original homesite on a large Kentucky farm. The family have been doing extensive research of the descendants but had no idea where the original homesite was from the 1700's. We...
  4. BIG 1700s Silver, Capped Bust, Pelican, and a Large Cent

    Great finds and a heck of a start for the New Year !
  5. 🥇 BANNER I dug a Confederate buckle today!

    Beautiful Buckle !!!
  6. Relics of the Greatest Generation + a Bonus-VIDEO

    Nice Saves Guys, that box plate with the square nail is really cool! Hope you all have a Great 2018!!!
  7. US shako plate 1812

    Amazing find, this should be on the banner.
  8. 18th Century in Ky

    sorry I missed this. I found this one on site of a 18th century blacksmith shop. I hope to spend a lot more time in this area this year as we have only logged in a couples hours there but in the short time recovering lot's of period buttons and a few musket balls within the same area.
  9. Roll Call of the Early Copper Coins Found in Kentucky

    Interesting thread and glad to see it, hopefully others will chime in over time. I haven't found anymore pre 1800 coppers since the 3 of mine that you posted, but I have found several pre 1800 reales and cut silver in different sites since than and before. Good Luck in 2018 and hopefully we all...
  10. Long time looker 1st time poster

    Wild boar tusk
  11. Short Hunt: 1853-O with arrows Half Dime

    Nice Finds! I always Love finding the half dimes. I can't wait to see the year end post!
  12. Union Camp Finds, and Confederate Scraps

    Huge Congrats on a Great find !
  13. 🥇 BANNER Scarce Admiral Edward Vernon button circa 1739-1750

    This Button should be on the Banner, Excellent Find, Congrats Dave !