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  1. A nice tip from work

    Woo-hoo silver score .... on a 5 dollar stout this was my tip
  2. Beach hunting

    Not any metal detecting today, but beach finds while in Florida today Gulf coast side
  3. Found at 1840's home site.

    Very true possibility.... it does look bent and broken ... kids stirrup sounds like a winner
  4. Found at 1840's home site.

    Part of a snaffle bit
  5. Dragoon button

    Dang auto uncorrecter
  6. Dragoon button

    What does the backyard say
  7. Found at 1840's home site.

  8. Spoon time

    Two spoons that appear to be silver plate one as a hallmark
  9. Second hunt

    spent about a hour in the back today loving new dirt fishing rod . Not pictured is the ole Schultz beer can with a real pull tap. Just a few more areas to search and then to front yard .
  10. New yard

    Oh ........
  11. New yard

  12. New yard

    New detector after the reliable Ace 150 and AT pro where stolen , 5 min quick hunt in my yard in sunny Florida
  13. Any one interested in a Real Treasure Hunting Club

    Still working on getting my dirt rods replaced , I hate thieves
  14. Musket Ball and other projectiles found in field

    I see fired 22 or rounds and slightly mushed round ball , weight will help narrow down caliber , my guess is somewhere between 50 and 54 cal